… and when I say “Let’s” I truly mean “let us”… (answer please!)

Yesterday  I was doing some coaching and one of the issues was websites.  The artist in question has no desire to learn Dreamweaver or FrontPage and wanted to know if I had any experience with web hosts that would be easy to learn and update, but not look like “Joe the Plumber”s website down the street.

Since I use Dreamweaver and do all the design, I wasn’t the best source of help.  I told her I knew some people… (that’s you!)

We would like to know if anyone has used the following web hosts and what you think. If you have additional suggestions, put them in the comments too.  If you would prefer to email me privately instead of posting in the comments, CLICK HERE.




I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be a helpful post to many so thank you in advance for chiming in!

– Tara