My very favorite sister in the whole wide world just visited!  (OK, she’s my only sister, but she’s pretty cool none the less.)  Her family came as well — they too, are pretty cool.

I grew up on the east coast (outside of Philadelphia).  A few years after finishing college, I moved to Oregon with my family.  We moved a few times and when I got divorced, you couldn’t get me on a plane back to Oregon fast enough.  (We had only been back east again for 8 months so Portland was really ‘home’ to both my son & I.)  So I’ve basically been in the Northwest for 14 1/2 years.

My sister has moved around as well, but has been back in PA for 7 years.

During their visit some very interesting things were said.  My sister mentioned to her daughter that she packed a lot of “earth tones” since she was coming to Oregon where “people are very outdoorsy”.  She also thought her “hippie” shirt would fit in well.

I smiled and filed these comments away.

Even though we grew up together, we do dress very differently.  My mom likes to say I live ‘in the land of fleece’.

We went to dinner with some of her husband’s colleagues from work who were visiting from Kentucky.  I filed away more interesting comments.

The wife said she was glad she didn’t put much makeup on as people were very ‘laid back’ and ‘natural’ here.  They thought everyone would have stared if they had dressed like they would have back home.

This leads me to wonder:  if geography has that much effect on how you dress,
does geography affect your art?

Is your art inspired because of who you are, because of where you are, or a combination of the two?

I don’t have an answer for you but would love to hear your thoughts.  It all just got me wondering…

~ Have a creative day!