Do you love what you are doing?

If you are licensing your art or thinking about giving it a shot – does it sound like something you will love?  I mean, it’s no cake walk.  There’s a lot of competition.  There are deadlines.  Most artists work alone so you don’t have the camaraderie and feedback of a workplace.  It can take time to get the royalties flowing.

But if you love the challenge of creating art for products, searching for the manufacturer who needs your art and wants to work with you, it can be awesome.  You have to create, create, create.  Market, market, market.  Always watching and learning as this business, like most others, is constantly changing.

I love what I do.  Of course there are days where I think, “This is hard work!  What else could I do that I might love – maybe even more than this?”  I come up blank every time.  So I have a “Steve Jobs mentality” about art licensing – do you?

[youtube KuNQgln6TL0]

If you are new to the concept of licensing, I encourage you to look at the Beginner Basics Teleseminar – you can get it for only $10 if you sign up to receive my eNewsletter. (And if you are already signed up and want the discount code – email me and I’ll send it over.)  This 45 minute audio will give you a real-world concept of what it is to do the day-to-day work of art licensing.  It isn’t a fluffy “this is for everyone – come in the water is fine” type of thing but something to really help  you understand what it’s about.  I hope it can help you decide if you just might love it, or if it sounds horrid (it has had that affect on more than a few artists and it’s ok!) you can go off in search of another way to create and truly love what you do.

Because honestly, life is to short to spend it doing what you hate, don’t you think?

Here’s to y our creative success!

– Tara Reed