I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Beasley, aka The WordPress Lady, about how artists can use this powerful platform (on which all Ask Call websites are housed as well as this blog!) for their online needs.

I made the shift from self-created Ask Call websites and moved them all to WordPress platforms back in April.

The change has helped me standardize the system of creating the sites (we have quite a few these days!) and better update and manage everything.  Kim has shown me that WordPress is as flexible as a self-designed site (I’ve used Dreamweaver since 2000) with so many plugin options that it simply makes life easier.

My next plan is to move my art website, www.TaraReedDesigns.com, to a WordPress platform.  With that in mind, and since that would also change how my password protected area works, I was very excited to get more nitty-gritty information!

Here is what we covered on the call:

  • What is the difference between WordPress (WP), Blogger and Typepad?
  • Why should an artist consider WP instead of setting up their own website?
  • What is the diff. between WP .com and .org?
  • If I am new to blogging & websites, where should I begin?
  • Can I transfer an existing bloodspot or blogger blog to WP without losing information?
  • There are so many WP plugins, are there any you feel are essential?
  • What is the diff. between WP & the many online portfolio sites?
  • Are online portfolio sites meaning to drive people to your website?
  • What is the best way to have a password protected gallery with WP?
  • Can WP look more like a website than a blog?
  • Will I be able to see who logs into a password protected area?
  • If people forget their password, can it be sent automatically so I don’t have to look them up and email them?
  • If I want to sell products on my blog, how do I set that up in WP?

Just to warn you – if websites and options are new to you, your head might spin a bit.  But you don’t have to understand it all, just get that this is a powerful and flexible way to build a website that will allow you to grow and add things without recreating the wheel!

Since this was the first call from Kim, we are making the audio replay available for free!

If you already receive the emails before and after each monthly call, you will get a link to the audio in your inbox.  If you don’t, simply give us your name and email address and you will be added to the Ask Call series email list and receive an email with the link.

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To learn more about Kim and the services she can offer to get you up and running (once you are up and running WordPress is a dream) visit her website.*

We talked a bit about a the WishList Membership Plugin as a great way to have a password protected area on your WordPress website. Don’t be confused by the “Membership Website” references everywhere on their site (I was at first!) you can use it for an online portfolio without ever charging a dime.  Again, it’s flexible and gives you lots of options.  There is a one-time fee for this plug-in but no monthly cost after that.  I’ll be investing in it soon – see what WishList is all about.*

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Next month I’ll be answering your questions so head to www.AskTaraReed.com whenever you decide what you want to hear next!

P.P.S.  Since we’re talking websites and online strategies, don’t forget about the SEO for Artists call I did with Daniel Tardent in February.  His replay, discussing how to optimize your website for search engines so people will find you, it full of great tips!  If you missed it, head to www.AskAboutSEOforArtists.com to sign up for your free copy today.

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