I remember a few obsessions from my middle school years… Scott Baio (what pre-teen girl wasn’t obsessed with Scott Baio!) and Miss Piggy from the Muppets.  I had a section of the basement in my house with a big table where I could be a mess and do any art or craft I wanted.  I can still picture it – there was a cabinet to the left of my chair that had a bulletin board on the front.  It was covered with pictures of Miss Piggy I’d clipped out of magazines.

Why I was so enamored with Miss Piggy back then, I can’t quite recall.

I just remember watching The Muppet Show and thinking she was a hoot!  Maybe I wanted to channel her energy – her zest for life, her persistence and complete loyalty to those she loved.

Today, in 2010, I can tell you why I think Miss Piggy is a great role model for artists.

Miss Piggy has many traits that will serve artists well in building their business.  The best way to understand my point, is to consider Kermit as the art business and not as a frog.

Miss Piggy LOVED Kermit. She would do anything for him. Anyone or anything that seemed to be a threat to her froggy, it was “watch out for the pig!” time. Miss Piggy wasn’t afraid to go head to head for the one she loved.

When Miss Piggy was with Kermit, she sure could turn on the charm.  She basked him in her love, affection, complete focus and attention.

Miss Piggy believed that Kermit loved her – no matter what. She had unwavering faith in their destiny to be very happy together.

Now, your “Kermit” art business – will hopefully return the love and not try to avoid you like Kermit did to the real Miss Piggy.  But on days when inspiration isn’t flowing, it might feel the same.

Ask yourself these very important questions:

  1. Are you as laser-focused and attentive to your business as Miss Piggy is to Kermit?
  2. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to keep it safe and make it prosper?  Can you channel Miss Piggy’s ‘karate chop / no holds barred’ attitude when things get tough?
  3. Do you have the passion in your soul for your art business, that Miss Piggy has for Kermit?

If you can say an unequivocal YES to all three questions, you are on your way to a bright, creative future!

If you ever feel down or unsure of what to do, just say to yourself, “What would Miss Piggy do?”

I promise, she won’t fail you!  Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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