Halloween Witch Hat Cotton CandyA very important thing to keep in mind when creating art for art licensing is WHY PEOPLE BUY.

There are certain items people buy because they have to. Gas & insurance for their car.  Heat for their home in the winter.  Food to eat.  Basic necessities are MUST BUY items.  Most of those items do not license art because they don’t need to.  They compete with price, location, convenience and more.

Then there are the things people buy because they want them.

I recently bought this cotton candy because of the fun packaging.  Is it good cotton candy?  I have no idea!  But the packaging was perfect and the price was good so I got it because it made me happy and I knew it would make my mom smile.  (She loves cotton candy!)

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times – most people don’t need more coffee mugs.  They buy them because they want them.  That is where we come in…

Our job as artists is to create designs that compel people to want something so much that they will open their wallet and buy it.

That is why the manufacturers seek us out. That is why they pay us. To help them move product.  Period.

So think about that as you create… is what you are creating going to open wallets?  If so, it will fill yours in return.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed