Me! Me! Me! (Picture me jumping up and down in a crowd my hand held in the air trying to get the attention of the branding powers that be…  dorky I know but I’d do it!)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a good musical!  In fact if only I could sing and dance I may have taken to the stage instead of picking up a paint brush.  But my talents lie in art and marketing so I will leave the performing to others and enjoy a good show as often as possible.

Last week the Broadway Musical of “Grease!” came to town. My friend has season tickets and as luck would have it, her husband REALLY didn’t want to go.  It was a win-win because I did!  And they had great seats — 12 rows from the stage — woo-hoo!  Score for me!

But I’m not blogging to tell you about my seats but to tell you about “Taylor Hicks-ification”.  You know him, right?  Won American Idol?  Well the advertising for the show looks like this:


If you are a die-hard Grease! fan you might connect the dots and not be surprised when I tell you he only sang one song in the whole show.  I did not connect the dots that the “Teen Angel” only had one song and my friend and I both fully expected to see him before the second act.

He did a great job — that man can sing!  And they worked some humor into the show that had the crowd quite entertained.  (I won’t tell you — don’t want to spoil it for anyone!)

But here is why I decided I needed to blog about this:  Taylor Hicks sang ONE SONG and was the main marketing piece for the whole show.  All the other performers were knocking themselves out for 2 hours singing and dancing and I’m sorry but I can’t remember their names.  They weren’t put in front of me 20 times and they were never on a national tv show, talked about on the news, radio and more.

So the lesson for us in this:  BRANDING and VISIBILITY! Taylor Hicks became a name when he made the finals on American Idol.  When he won, he became a brand.  Even though he was only a small part of the actual show, he was 90% of the marketing.  I’m sure many tickets are purchased by his fans so they can say they saw him live.

That is why I plan to “Taylor Hicks-ify” my business. Create buzz.  Brand awareness.  A fan base. Get some press.  Make noise. Make friends.  Have fun.  If consumers know who I am the retailers will be more likely to buy products featuring my art, knowing they will sell.

I don’t have a specific plan yet but I can guarantee it is rolling around in my head.  I’ll be sure to share ideas I come up with that work well.  For now — I’m off to paint and listen to my CD of Grease! so I can relive the event in my studio.

~ Tara

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P.P.S.S.  How cool would it be if Taylor Hicks commented on this blog? (hint! hint! Taylor if you find it!) I’d have to blog about THAT!