Earn an income doing what you love – I can teach you how. (soon)

I just got back from an Internet marketing workshop with gurus Pat O’Bryan and Craig Perinne in San Antonio. I went thinking I wanted to develop some online art-related products to help with my branding and create another income stream.

When it was my time to tell my story, I quickly discovered that there was more interest in the licensing side of what I do instead of the products I could create. Other people in the group wanted to learn how to earn multiple streams of income from their artwork—basically, what licensing is and how to get started.

Using my marketing background and experience, I’m going to do a few eBooks that will put the basics in one place. 

If you want to know when I launch the eBook or tell me what you want to see included, visit  www.tarareeddesigns.com/for-artists.html 

Fill out your name and email and I’ll keep you posted.  Have a great day!