With the holiday season upon us – my sister, brother and I were reminiscing about Christmas specials we liked growing up and starting singing the heat & cold meiser songs.  While they were stuck in my head, I got to thinking – these guys know who they are, what they do, what they like and they don’t make any apologies.

The Heat Miser doesn’t want a day under 60 – the Snow Miser prefers 40 and below.  If you listen to the songs you will find they explain very well what they like, what they do and what they are good at.

Can you easily explain who you are as an artist?

• Who is your target market – or who does your art appeal to?
• What types of products would your art work best for?
• What themes, styles, etc. do you work in?

Take a moment today and think about these songs – if you had to do a song and dance to let art licensing manufacturers know who you are and what you do, do you know what you’d say?  Just a little food for thought and fun videos that might take you down memory lane too!

[youtube dPrbccEdI5o]

[youtube wbfgVEk-mxQ]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed