I was tweeting with Alyson B. Stanfield on Twitter the other day and thought it would be a fun blog post if people would play along in the comments – are you game?

This is also a great example of how you can interact with others and have some fun in your day on Twitter…

It started with her tweet:

@abstanfield: Need an inspiration for making my #Valentine cards.#wheresmymuse

To which I replied:

<< in Cabo w/my muse? slow start today… 🙂

She was surprised by this location saying:

@ArtistTaraReed I had no idea my muse was in Cabo! I was thinking, maybe, Florence

I had to double-tweet back to get my next thought out (remember, you only get 140 characters at a time on Twitter!)

Part 1:  I think Cabo since I’m not a huge fan so it’s a good hide-out for mine… rumor has it our muses are friends! 😉

Part 2:  but maybe WE should go to Florence and find NEW muses… would show them, huh? (And be fun!)

Now she’s on the same wave-length with my early-morning logic and replies:

@ArtistTaraReed Got it! So my muse wouldn’t be hiding from me anywhere I’d look. Must be in the Russian Steppe

Getting to know people on Twitter is as simple as that. And if you are an artist on Twitter – you want to follow Alyson – she’s a wealth of great information, advice, and fun.  Alyson is the author of “I’d Rather Be in the Studio”*  – a great resource I believe should be on every artist’s bookshelf so be sure to check it out if you don’t have a copy yet.  Be sure to check out her blog – The Art Biz Blog* – as well – also great information about art, organization, inspiration and more!

Now it’s your turn – if your muse goes missing, where would she hide?

Remember, it’s probably somewhere you’d rather not be… leave your location in the comments – or come tweet me!  Twitter tip: If you want to ensure someone sees something that you tweet, you have to put the @ symbol and their twitter name before  you tweet – then it comes up in their “mentions” stream.  I try to follow everyone who tweets directly at or with me but admit that I’m not the best at keeping up with checking new followers – it takes a bit of time so I follow those that interact.

Here’s to a little fun and interaction while building your business!

– Tara Reed