I’ve been going down memory lane lately… my 25th high school reunion will be this November and I’m in charge of our reunion Facebook page.  Each Friday I come up with some topic to chime in on relating to high school – from food to fashion to … video games.  While telling my son how PacMan was all the rage in the early 80’s – and not the kind on your tv, the kind you had to head to the arcade or pizza shop to play, we got onto a discussion of video games.

He loved Super Mario when he was little and my brain started thinking about this little man in the funny hat that happily moved forward through all kinds of trials and tribulations.  Jumping on mushrooms to earn points, battling monsters and kissing princesses… through it all, he was a man of action, ever pushing forward towards his goal.

So I ask you – do you resemble Super Mario when it comes to working on your art business or are you a dreamer but not a doer?

It takes a lot of work to be successful in any kind of business – you have to do something every day, you have to stay the course, overcome obstacles and keep your eye on the prize!  So today, I say, Let’s all be like Mario!

[youtube 6-2L4PTV14A]

Here’s to your creative success!  What actions will you take today to move you closer to your dreams?

– Tara Reed

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