Spring has been teasing the Pacific Northwest… we just had quite a few warm, sunny days in Portland – a wonderful change from the gray and drizzle.  Craig decided I needed to get the heck out of my studio (I agreed!) so we jumped in the car on Monday and headed for the coast.  (I grew up on the east coast and we went to “the beach” — here in Oregon, you go to “the coast”.)  I thought I’d share some of the scenery and inspiration to be found about an hour and a half from Portland.

About 45 minutes from my house is “Camp 18” a restaurant built in 1970 to model and old logging camp.  They have old logging equipment, a railroad car or two and a new addition:  an elephant made of moss.  Only in Oregon will you find an elephant made of moss!  It is called “Camp 18” because the logging camps would be named by their location and this restaurant is at mile marker 18 on highway 26.  I love to stop for breakfast on my way to the coast.  If you are ever visiting Portland I highly recommend it – it is not your average breakfast joint – and who wouldn’t want to go eat at a place with an axe for a door handle?

To learn more about Camp 18, visit their website at:  www.camp18restaurant.com

oregoncoast-camp18After filling our bellies and taking a few “My Space” photos (that’s what my son calls it when I hold my arm out to take my own photo!) we continued west to the coast.

We went to Seaside and then to my favorite, Cannon Beach.  Cannon Beach is a great art town – it’s quieter and less commercial than Seaside (which is why my 15 year old prefers Seaside).  Cannon Beach is also known for its cool art galleries.  And of course, the big rock in the water that looks like a Haystack – to me, it IS the Oregon coast.


I have been so busy in my studio that getting out and seeing what is going on not only with licensing but in galleries got my creative juices flowing! I highly recommend you do it too Go somewhere new, see new scenery, new stores, new galleries, it will make you think and see your own work differently and if you are like me, you will come home energized and recharged!

Driving along the coast, wandering through towns with no destination and just enjoying the day was refreshing, rejuvinating and just a heck of a lot of fun.  So grab a friend, a loved one, a child or anyone else you enjoy spending time with and have an adventure!

~ Tara