If you are like a lot of people, you put a lot of time and effort into creating your website – when you created it.  When was that?  Last month? Last year? Five, ten years ago?

Regardless of when you created your website, when is the last time you looked at it to make sure it was all that it could be?

I like to review my art website 2-3 times a year.  I always go through it with a critical eye in February – a few months before SURTEX to make sure what manufacturers will see before, during and after the show is as good as it can be.  Then one or two other times a year I go through and make sure things are good.

Here is a quick checklist of what I look at:

  • Home page – is the look of the page giving a good first impression?  Can people tell what I do quickly?  Is the text as strong as it can be from a marketing standpoint and is it relevant – or can it be changed to be even better?
  • Visuals – are the visuals on my site up to date and do they represent my best work?  Do they appear current or are there some that look dated and should be changed out?
  • About page – is this up to date and does it give people a better sense of me as an artist and of my business?
  • Speed – is my website loading quickly enough and if not, what can I fix or change to make it better?

In addition to these basics, I also do a quick SEO (Search Engine Optimization) review.  Checking keywords and descriptions for each page.  I look at Google Analytics to see what keywords they see as most relevant to my website and see if I agree…

I just reviewed my site and dusted off my copy of SEO for Artists* by Daniel Tardent.  You might remember him from the Ask About SEO for Artists call we did over a year and a half ago.  It was a great reminder of the basics and I used some new tips that I hadn’t implemented the first go round.

If you don’t have it already, I recommend you go to www.AskAboutSEOforArtists.com and register to get the free mp3 replay of the call I did with Daniel. It is full of great information – he answered questions submitted by artists like you so chances are, you have some of these questions too.

If you are serious about optimizing your website, I also encourage you to consider his eBook – SEO for Artists*.

Here’s a video I did before the call that is still relevant today – and now closed captioned! – How SEO for Artists is Like making a Google Field Goal.  Enjoy!

[youtube tSE6BJKAEnE]

Here’s to your creative website’s success!

– Tara Reed