I often talk about how so many artists in licensing came to the industry in some odd and twisty way.  “Tripped over speed bumps”, were snuck in the side door… very few deliberately said, “I want to license my art.” first and foremost.

I love to hear people’s stories! How they ended up doing whatever they are doing.  Have they always done that? Did they grow up “knowing” that is what they wanted to do?

So I have a video project in mind and I’d LOVE for you to join in the fun.  I decided a CONTEST was in order! There are some rules and some rewards too!

Deadline: Feb 14th (you can always submit videos at any time, but to get the rewards, Valentine’s Day is your deadline.)

First the REWARDS:

1.  You get to share your story with other artists, perhaps inspiring someone along the way.
2.  People will get to know more about you and your art.
3.  You will get some ‘link love’ – and if you listen to the Feb. 17th Ask About SEO for Artists call, you will learn why that is a good, good thing!

  • a $20 coupon for any ArtLicensingInfo.com product (everyone who enters gets this!)
  • a chance to win a  $100 credit for any ArtLicensingInfo.com product or a free hour of coaching with me. (worth $125)

The winner will be announced on the Feb. 17th Ask call but doesn’t need to be on the line to win.

Now for the RULES:
1.  You must create a video that tells ‘your art licensing story’.  (see some video suggestions below the rules if you are new to video)

You can be at any point in your story – just heard about licensing and starting to learn to working in licensing for decades.  The more variety the better!
It doesn’t have to be a live video but must include a photo of you and some samples of your art if you choose to do a photo montage.

Some ideas of what you can include (but not required)

Why licensing appeals to you
How you heard about art licensing
How long you have been in or learning about licensing
What you are doing to succeed in licensing
What you like or expect to like about licensing your art
Tell and/or show your website so people can find you.

2.  Post your video to YouTube
Include the following tags or keywords, as well as any that are relevant to you (like your name, company or art medium):  art licensing, art licensing info
In the description, include: “This is in reply to the Art Licensing Stories Contest hosted by Tara Reed at www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/stories.html”

3.  email the following to me:

Your name / company name (whatever you want listed under your video)
Your website url (I’ll like to to it)
the url link to your video
the embed code for your video

I’ll put the videos on www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/stories.html,  in the order they are received.  I hope to create a fun and inspiring library of art licensing stories!  So get creative and remember, “done is better than perfect” – just speak from the heart and share your story.  This isn’t Hollywood – it’s real life artists sharing!

Listen to the contest details…

[youtube CS5Xo8zMRpU nolink]

How to set up an account and upload your Art Licensing Story to YouTube…

[youtube CjfEnkbWnc0 nolink]


Got a flip video? Have a friend or neighbor with a flip? Push the button, record, plug into your usb and put the file on your desktop. Upload to YouTube and you are all set! Easy-Peasy!

If you have a Mac that runs Snow Leopard:
open QuickTimePlayer.
Choose > File > New Movie Recording
Smile at your computer camera, click the red button and record#
(watch a video about it)

Can’t wait to hear YOUR STORY!

– Tara

P.S. CLICK HERE to see who has submitted their story so far…