Over the years, I’ve found music to be a great way to stay motivated, to get through tough times, celebrate great times and everything in between.

I’ll date myself now but I remember listening to the radio in college, my finger poised over the “RECORD” button on the tape recorder in hopes of hearing my favorite song so I could add it to my mix tape. (Yes kids – there is a reason the term “Mix Tape” exists… ’cause they used to be TAPE – google it.)

Or there were the songs we would play for ourselves or friends when we found ourselves dumped and broken hearted – those songs that said, “You are amazing!” (and he’s a fool) and “You will survive and be better than ever and he will rue the day he ever let you go!”

In more recent history, I’ve put together playlists of “empowering music” that I play when I need a little more energy in my day or when I start to doubt myself and need to be told I’m amazing but in a little different way than the breakup mixes…

This business is not for the faint of heart. Or the easily bruised egos. Or the artists who want overnight fame and fortune.

But for those of us who choose it as the way or a way we want to make money – we need those things to keep us inspired and going.

Here’s a new addition to my empowering music list – and I love the fact that it was released during SURTEX on May 19! (Seems like a sign that it was meant to be an art licensing anthem, don’t you think??)

[youtube xo1VInw-SKc]

Some days you might want to throw in the towel.  Those are the days you need to find your fight to move from that voice in your head and keep the course!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed