Today is an extra day!  We get 24 more hours to play with, work with, sleep through, catch up with… whatever will YOU DO?

If you are near Anaheim, you could go to Disneyland, which will be open for 24 hours. (Love this video – makes me feel good!)

[youtube npeBoYBVzi4]

If you are like me, you will finish packing up your house and studio and get ready for the “Big Move 2012 – Part 1”.  Part 2 will be in the end of June – just call me a glutton for punishment.   Not really – it’s all good, but very, very busy and more than a little overwhelming.  9 years of stuff takes a lot of boxes to move.  What goes to the apartment with Kyle & I until his high school graduation – and how can it be so close??  What goes to the house that is being remodeled that we will move into in the beginning of July, before the wedding in August? (Jinkies! I’m getting married!)  So I can assure you – I’ll take any extra hour – let alone day – that I can get this year.

Perhaps you will spend some of your extra time working on your portfolio, creating some collections for licensing.  Learn more about how to create art licensing collections …

Will you spend some time researching agents and trying to find a good fit?  There’s a list on the blog of nearly 30 agents that have requested to be there – which means they want to see what talent is out there.  Click here to learn more…

Perhaps you want some inspiration.  Watch a few videos from artists in licensing and learn how they got into the business and what advice they might have for others… watch artist stories here.

Maybe you want your extra day to be all about pampering yourself.  Head to the movies, get a manicure, sleep all day, surf the net – whatever makes you happy and keeps you feeling refreshed and creative!

Whatever you decide to do with your 86,400 extra seconds – enjoy!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S. Accepting all good moving vibes you care to send my way – I wish there was an “unpacking and organizing” fairy waiting to help me!