I was tweeting the other day and someone asked if I was busy getting ready for SURTEX… duh!  Not to be rude of course but if I’m investing the money and time in the show, of course I’ll be busy making sure I bring my “A Game”, right?  I replied that I was working away…

I don’t work well completely frazzled but with just a pinch of panic.

That’s how I work best when getting ready for an event like this.  Not major panic or last minute all-nighters – not my style. Just a pinch of panic seems to give me that creative boost to get things together.

The more important question to ask yourself is – how do you work best?

Are you a person who loves to wait until the last minute before really pulling out the stops?  Or are you a person who plans ahead and works over time, doing better when you have things planned out and don’t feel like the clock is ticking?  Think about how you like to work and how you do your best work and then make it a habit.  Just because your friend likes to pull all nighters doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed