picture-12I have a new friend, Mary Foley, and I find her delightful!  We haven’t met physically but I consider her a friend none the less.  I met her through the teleseminar class I’ve been taking and we ended up in a Mastermind Group together.  (Do you know what that is?  It’s like a business networking / brainstorming group)

Mary used to be a big-wig at AOL in their growth days and now inspires women to be Bodacious! through live talks, books, a blog, a talk radio show and a very cool membership program “Live Like Your Nail Color Club”.  I’m on her email list and always giggle at what she has to say while reminding myself that YES!  I’m pretty darn bodacious and better not forget it! Her website is www.GoBodacious.com and her blog site is  www.MaryFoley.com

Well, on February 11th she do a blog post that really spoke to me.  The title is, “Rather than a Boyfriend or Husband…” Like me, Mary is in her 40’s, divorced, and thinks that calling her “special someone” a “boyfriend” feels a little weird.  So she came up with a new label:  CRAZY GLUE.  Why? Because he’s crazy ’bout her and she’s stuck on him.  FUN!

In Mary’s membership program, she interviews women each month and sends her members and uplifting and inspiring CD, along with her own nail polish, that goes along with the interview.  February’s color was, you guessed it “Crazy Glue Love” and the interview was about relationships and she and her ‘Crazy Glue’ were the interviewees.

All this talk of CRAZY GLUE got me to thinking… and my mind started taking the concept past romantic relationship.  Who is your glue when you are feeling a little crazy? Do you have a good support system to cheer you on in the good times and remind you of how amazing you are when you forget?  People to keep you grounded and balanced and full of joy?

I have my family, my friends, a community of artists.  But I have two very important “Crazy Glue” people in my life, my son and my boyfriend, oops!  I mean my “Crazy Glue”.  They are my rocks.  I know that no matter how crazy I may sound, act or feel, they love me and support me unconditionally. See the picture of me and my glue and be sure to notice my beautifully nails — painted in Mary Foley’s Crazy Glue Love!

Think about who your main crazy glue people are and take a minute to acknowledge and thank them. Behind every good artist are some great people cheering them on.  Here’s to you and your glue!

~ Tara

crazygluepicsP.S.  Need a little more “Bodacious!” in your life? Check out Mary’s book, Bodacious Woman: Outrageously in Charge of Your Life and Lovin’ It!