On November 4th, America made a choice.

We chose a new president, as we do every 4 years, this year choosing the first African American.  We chose members of Congress, voted on local measures and local government.

Let me tell you a story about a choice I made on November 4th. This has nothing to do with voting, but with personal choices.

After some crazy months of travel, family visits and work, during which time I let my personal exercise habits slip into oblivion, I have begun exercising again.

I am friends with my personal trainer, Marcie. She watches my son when I travel — and works him out — he loves it!  She and her husband have recently opened their own gym in Portland, Oregon and have asked for my help with branding and marketing.  In exchange, I am getting back in shape.

I was very resistent at first to what she wanted me to do.  Marcie made no bones about the fact that she wanted hard work, and lots of it, for the first month.  Explaining that if I really committed, I would see major changes and then we could get to more of a ‘maintenance’ situation.

“Where are these hours coming from?”  I would ask.  I work a lot.  And I have a son.  And a boyfriend.  And a house, friends, family.  Let’s not forget that I enjoy sleeping.

Finally I realized that I was making up all kinds of excuses and that if I didn’t change what I was doing, I wouldn’t change my results. I have no problem doing 200% to build my business, why put so little into my health?

I told her that I would “surrender to her will” for a month, then re-evaluate.  I would do what she asked without complaint and without excuses.  She has taken full advantage of that promise, let me assure you!  And I am happy to say that 2 weeks in, I am seeing results.

Not only am I changing my actions, but I’m working hard to shift my inner dialog.  Where before I would joke and say “Off to be brutalized by the trainer!”  now I say, “I’m off to become fit and strong!”

Now to my “A-HA” moment on election day…

I was SO TIRED!  Every cell of my being was tired.  On November 3rd she had me work out two different times in the day.  Where I would ‘normally’ do a 30 minute workout, that day I did a total of 75.  That is a shock to this little eco-system, let me assure you!

And on the 4th, I was there at 7:30 am.  Tired.  She didn’t really care.  We did some weights.  We chatted about nutrition.  Then she told me, “You need to do 35 minutes of cardio today.”  She thought I should do it then, but if I couldn’t, I HAD to get to the gym later in the day.

I decided I better do it right away or I’d surely find and excuse not to do it later.  (“Know thyself” is key!)  About 5 minutes into my workout, I didn’t think I could go on.   I mean, I was at a breakdown point, at the brink of tears.  Was this worth it?  I should just throw in the towel.


NO!  I said to myself.  I promised myself that I would commit to getting as strong and healthy in my body as I’d worked to be in my mind and my business.  I went through a mantra for the next 30 minutes that made all the difference.  (At the 8 minute mark I went from ‘breakdown’ to ‘break through’ — thank goodness!)

I said “I CHOOSE…” statements in my mind.


  • to be healthy
  • to be strong
  • to stay committed to what I value and believe in
  • to think the best of people unless they prove otherwise
  • to trust my intuition
  • to keep a positive attitude
  • to do what it takes to overcome obstacles in my path
  • to be grateful each and every day
  • … and on it went until my time was up.

What do you choose for your life? Your business? Your future?

When things seem insurmountable, or when things are going great, make a point to think about what you are choosing and take the actions needed to get the results you want!

Here’s to you!  ~ Tara

P.S.  I took a very nice and very needed nap that afternoon!