Yesterday my son got his braces off.  What a big day!  He had metal in his mouth for almost 3 years. Anyone who has had braces or a child with braces will remember the constant visits to the orthodontist.  The tightening of wires.  Rubber bands.  Tweak this.  Move that.  Training the teeth and jaw to act in new and unusual ways.  Some pain is involved.  A lot of time, patience and consistent effort.  Don’t wear your rubber bands and things won’t happen as quickly.

As I sat in the waiting room I began to compare the process to building a business.  Isn’t it the same principle?  You know there are certain actions, that if repeated regularly, will help grow your business.  But like remembering to wear rubber bands, sometimes we forget.  Or just don’t feel like it.  Or it seems to painful.

But ACTION is the key ingredient to building any business and art is no exception.  You have to paint and create collections.  Make sure people know your art is out there.  Follow up with clients who might be interested.

As Joe Vitale likes to remind us (and I can’t remember if he is quoting someone else or not — I associate this with him) “Success is the sum of small actions, taken day in and day out”.

What action will you take today?  You don’t have to climb Mount Everest each day, but you have to make consistent efforts towards your goal.

Have a wonderful and creative day!


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