As many of you know, became a few weeks ago.  I had been using YouSendIt to send files to clients for several years.  I was paying $60/month and it worked pretty well.  In the past few months (just  before and after the re-branding) there have been more hiccups.  The site would go down.  My files wouldn’t go up.  I’d spend time checking to see if they were downloading by my clients – which required logging in again and checking the status.

There was a discussion on Facebook and the ever helpful Jill Brahms Meyer ( mentioned that she uses and loves it.

So I had to go check out for myself.  I, too, fell in love with it!

There are two plans – the free plan that allows you to send any number of files that are up to 2 GB.  (I used to pay for YouSendIt because you could only send one file at a time on the free plan – not very professional to send 10 emails to save the $60/year so I paid for the service.)  Here is how the free service works and looks.

You go to  When  you first get there there is usually a basic color or simple design covering your screen, the box on the left to use for free transfers and links to learn about We Transfer Plus – the paid version of the service.  If you have signed up before, your email will already be in the blue box in the ‘from’ area.


As you begin to fill in the information – adding files, email addresses and the message to go with the transfer, adds will fill your screen – I have to say they are usually gorgeous!  The image below shows an enlarged version of the box where your info goes so you can see it – when you use the service there is only the smaller box on the left. You can see this is a great opportunity for their advertisers to get some big space on your screen!  (And I’m fine with that because it allows the free service to be pretty powerful!)

WeTransfer-StartpageWhen you hit the “transfer” button, you can watch the progress on the wheel and it shows you the percentages as your files fly through the internet to their intended destination.  (I’ll sound like a grandmother with stories of ‘walking to school in the snow uphill’ when I recall having to spend a bit of money each year FedEx-ing art on disks to clients when it was a big rush… if I was lucky, they would give me their FedEx account…)  But now, with services like this, we can do it instantly.  Let’s have a moment of silent gratitude and amazement about that… really… amazing!

As the files transfer the images on the screen might change a few times.  Hats off to and their gorgeous pics because I’m now itching for a getaway!

WeTransfer.comOnce the files have transferred you will get an email confirmation with a list of the files and a copy of the message in your inbox.  Even better?  Another email will arrive that tells you the files have been downloaded!  No going back, logging in and checking – just comes to you! confirmation emailsWONDERFUL SERVICE!

The second option is to sign up for We Transfer Plus.  For $10/month – paid yearly (so that’s $120/year) you get some cool features:

  • Add up to three of your own images, essentially branding it for yourself instead of making your clients want to run off to and head for the woods.
  • Password protect your downloads
  • Transfer up to 5 GB at a time and
  • Store up to 50 GB of your files until YOU say to delete them – no clients calling saying “We didn’t get to the links in time and the transfer expired, can you resend please?”

SO… I highly recommend you give a try and if you are interested in the added value of the Plus plan, check that out too.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

PS – in case you are wondering, this is a completely unsolicited, nothing in it for me, just wanted to share the info blog post.  Although for the record, even if there is something in it for me, I will never blog about or recommend something I don’t believe in – you are welcome that I say NO to all the people who want to post on this blog about crazy topics THEY think are a perfect fit – dog grooming tips? Yeah, not a perfect fit…