7 years ago TODAY – I released my first eBook – How to Get Started in Art Licensing.

I never dreamt that project would turn into the library of eBooks, audios, blog posts and classes that it is today!

I’m honored to have met so many amazing people in this industry as a result of Art Licensing Info.  I’m honored to have been able to help artists understand what art licensing is about.  My goal has always been to help artists really understand the day-to-day work and to uplevel the business acumen of artists in the industry as a whole.

Today I’m both excited and a bit nostalgic… I’ve decided to turn the reigns over to John & Melissa of ideaologie.

[youtube 5f7Jgbon-uk]

After a lot of thought and discussion – it made sense to all of us for them to take the reins and continue on with the Art Licensing Info brand.  They have amazing backgrounds and years of expertise in retail, with licensees, representing artists and working with big brand artists – Mary Engelbreit and Kathy Davis sound familiar??

I believe they will be able to take what I created and bring it to a whole new level for all of us.

 So what will I be doing moving forward?

I will still be creating art and licensing it – I’m not leaving the industry, just the teaching side of things.  I’ve been working with John & Melissa over the past few months and realized I wanted to write, teach and create on a different path.  I also realized there was no way I could add it to everything else I’ve been doing – something had to give.


Pivot to HappyI’ve started working on a new project – building a community, support and tools around being HAPPY.  I’d love for you to check it out, share it with people you know who might be interested and join me for this new adventure.  PivotToHappy.com

I’ve been through some stuff… just like you. There are two events in my life that stand out as “forks in the road”.  Things that could have left me angry and full of excuses or made me pull myself up by my bootstraps and figure out how to move forward and find my happy again.  My divorce – a fork in the road that almost turned me away from art licensing before I’d gotten started.  Most recently, coming to terms with my father’s decline into Alzheimer’s and everything that entails has really tested my skills at remaining present and finding the happy in every day.  It’s something I’ve been sharing personally with others but now want to do it a bigger way.

I’m working on a book proposal (anyone connected with publishers?  Would love a referral!) as well as some speaking topics and other things to come.

"Pivot" definitionThis is a huge PIVOT for me – to shift from something I’ve been doing for 7 years and jumping into something new and unproven is a big leap of faith.  But that’s what life is about – listening to your gut, evaluating your options and then going for it.  Following what excites you, makes you leap out of bed in the morning and brings a smile to your face.

As I sit writing this post – the last official post as the owner of Art Licensing Info – I must admit to some serious butterflies in my belly!  Thank you for reading, for engaging and for coming on this journey with me.  It has been an honor to share my insights and opinions about this business and to get to know so many amazing people.  The beautiful thing is that we get to “keep each other”.  I’m still “Artist Tara Reed” all over social media and will still be creating art for licensing.  It’s a pivot – not a farewell. 🙂

So after more than 1,125 posts I say again – here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed