We’ve been talking a little about individual colors and their psychological meaning.  So far, we’ve covered gray, pink and red.

With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought it would be a great time to change courses a little and talk about color combinations — triadic color schemes in particular.triadic-halloweenwheel1
A “Triadic” color scheme basically means 3 colors (tri) that are evenly spaced on the color wheel.  The color wheel is divided into 12 slices, you would take every 4th slice to create a triad.  The colors are very different but can be used together to create interesting art — as long as you pay attention to proportion.


If you ever find yourself “stuck in a color rut” or not really sure what you want to do… grab your color wheel and see if a triad will drive your message home!

Halloween designs use the triad ORANGE – PURPLE – GREEN all the time.  But what makes triads work really well is the amount of each color used.  Because the colors are so different, if you put equal amounts of each in your art you might overwhelm your viewer.

This little witch is the perfect example — I used 2/3 cup of orange, 1/4 cup of purple and 1/8 cup of green.  Throw in a pinch of yellow and some neutrals (black & brown) and she’s ready to scare up a good time! The next time you find yourself with a bad case of color block – grab your wheel and try out a triadic!

–  Tara Reed