Time Management For Artists

Are you an artist looking for a ready-made way to track the time you spend in your art business?

Have you ever found yourself at the end of the day wondering where the hours went and what you accomplished?

Do you want to take control of your time so you can see how to grow your business?

Understanding how you are spending your time is one of the most valuable things you can do to grow your art business.  “Time Management for Artists” is the perfect companion program to “The Goal Wheel for Artists™” as once you set you goals you need to manage your time efficiently and effectively in order to attain them.

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This isn’t an airy-fairy thought provoking eBook that will leave you with great intentions and little action.  This is a field tested time management tool to hold yourself accountable for how you spend your time in your art business.  When used regularly and consistently, this system will help you document how you spend your time on a daily basis; and will let you know of you are on track – or maybe why you aren’t as on track as you’d like to be – towards reaching your goals.

To repeat . . . this tool is a way to track how you are spending your time, and is not a way to decide how your time should be spent, or how to prioritize your daily activities.  To help you determine your priorities or how you should be spending your time, please check out “The Goal Wheel for Artists™”  – Click here.

To run a successful art business, there are FIVE main areas in which you spend your time . . .

CREATING your art

MARKETING your art




By tracking the amount of time you spend in these areas during a day, week, month quarter, or even a year, you will get a better idea of why you are or are not, reaching your goals.  Maybe you avoid marketing your work at all costs, preferring to spend time creating art, or communicating on social media sites.  By reviewing actual documentation of the percentage of time you spend in each area, you can then adjust your habits to get your business moving in the direction you want it to go.

“Time Management for Artists” is comprised of three components . . .

  • A 23 page eBook
  • 2 pre-formatted Excel files
  • 4 Video tutorials

The eBook gives you the background and lays the foundation for how to use “Time Management for Artists.”  It has detailed instructions, with lots of screenshots, about how to use the pre-formatted Excel Spreadsheets.  If you like to watch and learn, the four video tutorials will walk you through how to use the Spreadsheets as well.

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For only $30 you will be armed with the tools and disciplines necessary to track your daily activities.  This digital book can be yours immediately – simply download and enjoy on your computer, iPad, Kindle and more . . . anything that can read a pdf.

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The pre-formatted Excel Spreadsheets get you set up and ready to go immediately!

You will spend little time each day entering some basic information, and the spreadsheets will do the rest.  You will see minutes and hours you work each week, and the percentage of time spent in each area will be calculated for you.  Enter some basic numbers in the Monthly Summary, and it automatically flows through to the Quarterly and Yearly summaries.

Table of Contents

My Journey to Understanding the Value of an Hour

The Day Excel Spreadsheets Became My Best Friend

Time Management and the Business of Art

  • The five types of work you will keep track of

Getting Down to Business – Part 1:  The Daily and Weekly Time Tracker

  • Creating Your Weekly Time Log
  • Using Your Weekly Time Log
  • A Closer Look at the Weekly Summary

Getting Down to Business – Part 2:  The Monthly Summaries

  • Preparing your Monthly Summary Files for the first time
  • Entering your time at the end of each week
  • What can you learn from the Monthly Summary Worksheets
  • What these numbers can tell you

Still have some outstanding questions about “Time Management for Artists?”  Let’s see if we can answer them for you . . .

Will this eBook help me figure out where to spend my time?

  • While there is a brief discussion of how to adjust how you spend your time if you aren’t getting the results you hope for, “Time Management for Artists” is more of a measurement tool than a way to prioritize your activities.  If you really want to decide what you should be doing, please check out “The Goal Wheel for Artists™” as the two systems work quite well together.

What do I need to use this system?

  • You will need Microsoft Excel to use the spreadsheets; and if you desire to watch the video tutorials, you will need QuickTime.

If I already have Excel, why do I need to buy this eBook?  Can’t I just do this myself?

  • How many artists want to spend time figuring out equations and calculations, and setting up spreadsheets?  For a minimal investment of only $30, all the work is done for you.  All you have to do is read the short eBook and/or watch the short videos, and you are ready to roll!  With a short learning curve you are on your way to gaining valuable insights about how you spend your time and the return on your investment for that time in your business.

Aren’t there timeclock applications and tools that I can buy on the internet similar to this?

  • Absolutely!  In today’s environment, one can find almost anything covered by an app or through an online service.  However, these are either very expensive, or are not developed to meet the specific needs of an artist.  This system was designed, tested and used by artists; thus making it the right tool for you . . . at a reasonable cost.

Buy “Time Management for Artists” NOW for only $30!

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