First let me assure you, I am not one of those people who sits in a stall and chats on the phone.  I know that there is a time and place for everything!

But on my long trip home from New York last week… after a 3 hour delay, the drama of the airplane going into the Hudson from the airport I departed from the day before, and being tired, burnt and bleary-eyed… it happened.  While enjoying the larger restroom accommodations than were available on my plane, I found comfort in a piece of graffiti.  And I thought, “I should blog about this!”  So my hand went into my pocket and before I knew it, I was taking a picture in a public toilet!  (Temporary insanity from stress and fatigue…)


Somehow, these words, unlawfully scrawled in permanent ink on the inside of the ladies room stall, made me stop and say, “yes, that is so true”.

What seems like a mountain today will become a mole hill from the perspective of hours, days, weeks or years… depending on the problem of course.  Most people have more inner strength than they know — and hopefully the extent of it will never be fully tested.

I just wanted to jot a few lines and offer you these words as well… maybe they are exactly what you need today, like they were exactly what I needed last Friday.

Be happy, be safe and be well!

~ Tara