This time of year often feels a bit like the famous ride of Paul Revere through the streets and countryside “The Red Coats are coming!”  But for me, it’s this ever growing louder voice of “The Trade Shows are coming!”

On the plane home from Las Vegas on Sunday, I started making my plans for some upcoming trade shows.  I’m committed and signed up for SURTEX in May so I’m starting to make my art target wish list. (What new art I want to have to bring to the show.)

AmericasMart is in January.  (Really EARLY in January – we’ll practically still have New Year’s champagne in our hands!) I’m not exhibiting but will be attending so I started a target wish list for that as well.

CHA is in the end of January – still deciding if I will be attending.  It has a + / – list.  Figuring out where to spend your $ is serious business!

And don’t forget Licensing Expo in June – June may seem far, far away but I have a sneaky suspicion it will sneak right up on us!  It will be in Las Vegas again this year…

Through Twitter, I found a blog post by “The Trade Show Guy” that had some good advice we could all consider.  It’s called, “23 Pre-Show Marketing Promotions, Tactics and Ideas”CLICK HERE to see what he has to say.

tradeshowtssOf course don’t forget I created an eBook and there is a teleseminar replay available about “How to Maximize Your Time and Investment in Trade Shows” – specifically talking about how to do art licensing trade shows – which are a little different than your average show.  You can get one or both of the products – CLICK HERE for all the details.

Regardless of whether you walk or exhibit at a show or how you prepare, I wish you much success in the coming year!  It will be here before we know it!

– Tara