… you can’t wear them in public.  (You do know that, right?)  Well, if you are in high school or college it is apparently ok to go to the grocery store in your pjs and even slippers, saw that the other day.  But in business, not appropriate.

There have been a few comments over the years about the subheading of my eBook – How to Get Started in Art Licensing.  It is:  The first step to earning a living painting in your pajamas. Now, that is what they call a “hook” in marketing – something a little jolting that makes someone take notice.  To say – “Huh? What is she talking about? Can I do that?”

But please don’t take it literally.  It doesn’t mean all of your business can be conducted in your pajamas!

You are, after all, in business and need to pay attention to the impression you are giving to the world.  You need to be professional in everything you do – from phone calls to emails to interacting on social media and more.  That is one of my goals, in fact, to help artists better understand the business of art licensing so the industry grows and we are seen as professionals and not flaky artists.

So here is a little guide about when you can wear your pj’s and when you might want to present a more professional image.

It’s probably ok to wear your pj’s if…

  • Your studio is in your home and you are there, alone, working away. No clients are coming, it’s just you.
  • It’s 11 pm, inspiration hits, you’re already in your pj’s, and you decide to grab your sketch pad to jot down your ideas.
  • It’s the weekend, you want to get some things done, and simply decide to start before you get dressed. (Make sure you don’t have any clients coming of course!)

You should show your professional side if…

  • You are interacting directly with manufacturers or the public.  That could be in stores, client visits, trade shows, etc.  Rarely see anyone in pj’s there and unless it’s part of a character promotion, it wouldn’t be appropriate.
  • You are going to Skype (with video) with a client.  You want their window into your world to look like you take your business seriously. (Because you do!)  Clothes, hair done, straighten up, the works.
  • You are having a photo shoot.  You want a clean, professional representation of yourself and your brand.

Anyway – you get the idea.  It’s almost Christmas so I thought a light-hearted post would be fun.  Do I paint in my pj’s? You bet!  Do I present myself to the world that way?  Heck no!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed