I am often asked where I get so much energy or how I find time to do so many things. I paint.  I license my art. I blog. I Twitter (a lot!).  Facebook. Teach. Write. Connect. And yes, I sleep.

So where does the time and energy come from?  Passion, for one. When you have a passion for what you are doing, the energy just seems to flow.  If it isn’t, I give myself permission to chill, take a break, read a book, watch some mindless tv.  It is important to relax and recharge so that creativity can continue to flow.

I am also blessed to work quickly. Angela, who is now starting to help me in my business with some administrative details so I can have more time for the creative part, used to tell me she wanted to be in my head for a day.  Then she spent an afternoon in the studio.  She has changed her mind.  🙂  As she played with my button maker I talked and worked and she got a glimpse at how my brain works.  Here is her analogy…

Angela has decided that her brain is like a ping-pong ball… bouncing between two things.  Mine is like the inside of an atom – thoughts and ideas whizzing around, bouncing into each other, creating new stuff… that made me laugh! She no longer wants in and a mutual friend thinks that’s wise as she expects she wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

But it works for me… usually.  This type of noggin’ can lead to wanting to do too many things at once and needing to be focused at times.  That is where Angela is great!  She is now my “Sanity Manager” – keeping me on task when requested and sending nice emails making sure I remember to eat if she knows I’m singularly focused on a project.  Do you have an Angela?  If not,  I highly recommend finding one!

Here is the bottom line… it has been joked about among friends and clients that I just may be the Energizer Bunny in disguise… so I was delighted to meet a life-sized bunny at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas and have my picture taken with him.  (Is it a him or is it a her?  It is pink… but seemed like a him…)

Who could run out of steam when hanging out with a big bunny with a big drum and great attitude?  Where ever your energy comes from, keep it flowing, take time to replenish it and enjoy the ride that is your artistic side!

– Tara

P.S.  I set my timer and got this post done in less than the 20 minutes I gave myself.  Time management is also a key ingredient to productivity.  If you missed my post about the timer, click here.