Remember last week when I was telling you about Google Alerts?  Have you set any up?  I know it is one (or more) more email in your inbox but you can find things you wouldn’t have stumbled across before.

Here is a case in point — yesterday I got a Google Alert for “art licensing” — several things, many not of any great interest.  But there was one article that caught my eye.

The New York Times did a story in their “Shifting Careers” section called “Turning Art into a More Lucrative Career Choice”.   Read the article

The talk about what we talk about — dis-connecting the words “starving” and “artist”.  Looking at art and selling art differently.

I think it is wonderful to have someone like the New York Times talking about art licensing… it brings more understanding and awareness.

So read the article.  And try a Google Alert — I never would have found this information without it!

~ Tara