… and artists are loving it!

MockUp-CdCaseI’ve told you what it is…

• 46 Photoshop™ (.psd) or PNG files with professional photographs of stationery, tabletop and gift industry products. The backgrounds have already been removed so they are ready to use for presentation and portfolio mock-ups.

• 9 video tutorials with more than 2 hours of ‘over the shoulder’ live-streaming instruction. Watch artist Tara Reed apply patterns and learn from a few mistakes along the way! (Then you will feel better when you make them too – right?)

here is what a few artists who have purchased it are saying…

“I was so excited to receive the Product Mock-up Magic CD today. I just finished watching all of the video tutorials. You did a great job! It was amazing to watch you work. I devoured every word you spoke and every move you made with the cursor. Now, I’m truly inspired to create my own mock-up designs and market them to manufacturers.”

– Michael Campbell, artist

“Tara Reed’s Product Mock-Up Magic saves me time and makes my life easier.  With the product templates provided, all I have to do is drop my artwork onto the templates and make revisions. Now I can focus on designing.”

– Liz Revit, artist

“I absolutely love Tara’s Product Mock-Up Magic video tutorials! The lessons are very easy to follow, cover many tools and techniques. Even as a fairly seasoned Photoshop user, I learned many new tips and shortcuts that I did not know before. However, I think this product will be a revelation for beginners. My product mock ups previously were very flat in appearance. The library of blank product images supplied with the dvd will help me produce realistic product mock-ups very efficiently. I hope Tara will develop an entire series of video tutorials on a range of skills for licensed artists.”

– Debra Valencia™, DeVa Design, Inc.
contemporary pattern design for stationery, gift, craft & home décor

Product Mock-Up Magic is an invaluable tool for any artist looking to license their art. Being able to take your art and show manufacturers that you understand how it can work on products shows that you understand and are serious about the business of licensing. That you are a professional. And sometimes, it just gives them ideas they may not have had looking at the ‘pieces’ (images, borders, patterns, etc.)

When you place several mocked-up examples together for presentation, add “These are mock-up ideas, all designs are available for license” – that way there is no confusion about wether your art is already licensed or not. When you show actual licensed products, be sure to add something like this: “product manufacturered by XYZ company using my art under license.”


Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara