I LOVE reality shows about business!  From ABC’s Shark Tank to Bravo’s Tabitha Takes Over… there is always something to learn from the way others run a business, how they create, ideas they come up with… I find  it all fascinating.

AMC has a new show – officially beginning on April 30th but that previewed 4/8 and is available to watch online called The Pitch.  The premise is that each week, 2 ad agencies compete for an account.  The first episode shows two agencies vying for the business of creating an ad for Subway – to market their breakfast to 18-24 year olds.

You get to see them learn about what Subway is looking for, go back to their offices and the creative process they go through to create concepts.  You then see the pitches and the decision by Subway.

I liked the look inside their creative process – made me feel a lot better about having my own not-so-fabulous ideas on my way to things I like – because they had them too!  And they were documented on national tv.

I also thought a lot about art licensing… the manufacturers are going through a similar process, we just don’t get to see it.  They have accounts, they find out what they want, they go back and figure out what they have to offer.  Often we as artists are called upon for concepts so they have something to pitch… and hopefully land the deal.  Sadly these deals aren’t usually worth millions like the Subway account, but the process is similar.

Finally – I loved this dialogue at about minute 39 – the Chief Creative Officer of the McKinney agency says,

“this is what is so tough about this business,…”creativity”… yeah, it is great, it is creative but it’s pressure too because it’s not like go paint a picture… it’s go be creative and make sure you do this, and make sure you do it in the next 24 hours – see you then”

Hello!  That certainly sounds like what I do on a daily basis… oh, but painting pictures is part of the process.  I will admit to being slightly insulted at the way he said that – it was a little demeaning… but maybe I’m overly sensitive.  You can decide for yourself – you can watch it online at http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-pitch and if you like it, set your alarm clock or DVR to watch or record the show on Mondays at 9 pm / 8 central time on AMC.

Here’s to your creative success and finding inspiration…

– Tara Reed