…is that they are not a beauty contest!  Unlike teaching or speaking at a live event tss-phonewhere you have to look good, all you need is your voice and a phone line to deliver great content in a teleseminar.

Clean office?  Not required!
Perfect hair, nails and makeup? Nope!
Does your outfit matter? Not at all!


All you need is a plan, something to say and a phone.  I just went through an 8 week intensive course with Alex Mandossian called “Teleseminar Secrets” – it is not for the faint of heart because this man does not hold back.  This course is for people who want ALL the information in Alex’s brain, then it is up to the student to decide what parts and pieces work for them.

I did my 5th “Ask” call last night –  spending an hour at home, in my comfy socks talking about art licensing, what could be better?  This time I was the interviewer instead of the interviewee – I discovered I really enjoy both roles.  Future plans include one night and possibly multiple part teleseminars.  Who knows what else!

If you teach, have written a book or need to get some kind of word out to people, think about doing it by phone.  No travel, less expense and of course, no beauty contest!  If you want to learn more about how to do your own teleseminars, click on the link below.  To learn about art licensing through mine, stay tuned!

Here’s talkin’ to you!  ~ Tara