Apparently this whole “Tag- you’re it” is no longer taking the form of email chain letters or chain threats:  if you don’t send this to 30 people by nightfall your nose will ooze purple goo… Please don’t send those to me, I don’t like doing them yet feel a sense of anxiety if I don’t.

But this morning as I was sketching some new ideas I got an email from my friend Lisa Stewart, the “Creative Goddess”, aka “ecstewart” on twitter.  If you want to follow her, click here. She’s quite entertaining and makes some cool videos featuring her cats.  Here is a link to 7 interesting things about her… Lisa’s 7

OK… back on track.  She “tagged” me.  Now I am supposed to tell you Seven Things you Didn’t Know About Me and then tag seven more people.  Here we go!  (oh dear — that anxiety thing is sneaking in again… what to say? What do or don’t you know?)

paris19861. I was an exchange student in France my junior year of high school. My family did a bit of international travel when I was growing up.  We tromped around Europe looking at where Astronomers were born, lived and were buried when I was in 2nd grade.  (Guess what my dad taught at the local college?)  I was a mother’s helper in Athens, Greece for 6 weeks the summer after 7th grade.  So when high school came around and I was a little bored, I thought, “Why not?”  Living in France was one of the hardest and most rewarding things I ever did. J’adore les francais!

2. I used to sell college textbooks. Yup — I was one of those people who would be dressed up on college campuses, stalking professors during office hours asking what books they planned to have students read during the next term or year.  I can tell you why the books are so darn expensive, but then I’d never get to #2.  Let’s just say — there is a reason and it’s valid — not just greedy publishers.  You have no idea what the teachers get for free when you get to break the bank on your book.

3.  I have a freakish fear of snakes.  Like, crazy bad! When my son was little I had to skip the pages in books with snakes on them, he didn’t get to go in the Reptile House in the zoo unless his dad was there to take him.  Last Christmas Eve we were watching one of the “Jackass” movies and my son would tell me to close my eyes when the snakes were coming… he said it was ok a tad early, I turned to see a Cobra coming right at me, out of the TV screen!  I screamed, my chest locked up and I couldn’t breath — scary for everyone… didn’t want my last bit of life to be that image!  (I am working to overcome this — I can even sort of watch the snakes slither around on Survivor now — my son is so proud!)

4.  I’m a “First Class” Girl Scout. I’m just throwing these ‘fun facts’ down as they come to me.

5. I got to meet and interview Joe Paterno when I was in college.


6.  I’ve always wanted to be in musicals. But I can’t sing or dance so I’ll enjoy them each time I head to New York and keep my singing to myself.  (Trust me, you’d thank me if you heard me!)

7.  I prefer city fumes to the fresh air of the country. Cities energize me!  The hustle and bustle of New York, London or Paris make me giddy with excitement.  When a bus goes by I can close my eyes and be transported to the mayhem of city life.  Now the country… this often causes red, itchy eyes, trouble breathing and sometimes rashes.  If I had been on “Green Acres” I would have told that husband to contact a lawyer because I wouldn’t survive living with the piggies!

Phew!  Done.

Now… I tag the following people… (oh how I wish everyone had a blog!)  Annie Salness

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Annie Salness
Norm (the Craft Coach)

Have a creative day!

~ Tara

P.S.  If you want to join in the fun, go for it!  Leave a comment with a link!