A friend of mine (Payson Cooper – talented jeweler, marketing maven and all around HOOT!) and I were chatting the other day and somehow got onto the subject of inspirational songs.  Songs that can get you out of a funk, get you moving and down to business.  “Music Therapy” I call it – energy low? Crank up the volume!

Payson just blogged about one of my suggestions and gave me permission to repost her thoughts – so I could share them with you and move on to other new thoughts.  So without further ado – here is one of my ‘get to work’ songs and Payson’s research findings… (I emailed her the link to this YouTube video…the “her” refers to me, Tara Reed)

(…) Her comment was, “Here is the key to success in life or biz,” and I totally agree. This is a new favorite of mine, and remember, you may strike out nine times out of ten, but if you never swing for the fences you won’t ever make that home run! Video: Trace Adkins, Swing

And, on that note… did you know that an EXCELLENT batting average in baseball is a .300? The batting average is the ratio of hits to ‘at bats’ (the number of times someone is up at the plate batting). An average of more than .400 is considered nearly impossible. Actually, the highest career batting average is held by Ty Cobb and is .367. What does all this have to do with business and marketing?

That comes into play when you realize that the number, in the case of Ty Cobb, the best career average in the history of baseball, he only hit the ball 36.7 percent of the time. And, that’s the BEST player EVER! The league average runs between .260 and .275 – meaning that most professional baseball players, many making millions of dollars, only manage to hit the ball 26 to 27.5% of the time.

Now I get down to the point… if that’s all it takes to be one of the best in the world what does it mean to your business? What if you only ’succeeded’ 27.5% of the time? Would you be happy with yourself? Would you even be ok with yourself?

It only takes one hit to ‘hit it out of the park’, but if you are so concerned with getting it right or perfect EVERY time, you’ll miss your chance to really make it big. Take more chances – get up to bat more often – and when you do, focus, work hard and do the very best that you can. If you do, you’ll end up with  batting average like the big leaguers – and it will be more than enough to succeed…

So get out there and SWING!

Payson writes, teaches and coaches about marketing for any small business.  But the same theories apply to art licensing – it’s a numbers game.  Every time you create an art collection and show it to a manufacturer, it’s like taking a swing.  Only swing a few times and your chances for success are lower than the artist who is up to bat every day.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed