If you have read my eBook, “How to Find, Interact and Work with Manufacturers Who License Art” you are familiar with my rather low-tech and disjointed organization system.  Rolodex, Excel spreadsheets, post-it notes and a written calendar.  It worked for a while but lately I’ve been feeling like there is too much in too many places, and I was missing things.

Missing things like business opportunities.  Art submission deadlines.  When was I supposed to call and follow up with that potential client?  And where did I write it down?

There comes a time in every business (or life) to re-evaluate your systems and look at upgrading. (Heck if the internet can upgrade to “Web 2.0” why can’t I?)

My time had come!  I needed a new, more integrated and organized system.  So what did I do?  Started asking for advice on Twitter and doing some Google searches.  I have a MAC and people told me, “just use address book” — but it wasn’t enough.

Then I read about this software call “Daylite” through a Google link.  This looked pretty good!  But who was using it?  Back to Twitter to get some feedback.  Then this man appeared magically before me:

picture-6(He was replying to my Tweet asking if it was a good program and was anyone using it.)  It turns out, Matthew Bookspan is a certified Daylite partner — meaning he knows the ins & outs and can help you get set up.  Cool!

I talked to Matthew about my organizational dreams and current challenges and we decided this software would be a good fit.

In the past, I’ve had a very bad habit of getting new software, trying to learn it myself while doing lots of other things and not harnessing the true power at my fingertips.  I decided to break that habit and hire Matthew to get me set up and show me how it all works.  2 hours incredibly well spent — both time and money wise!

He got me on iChat and then took control of my computer — now THAT is cool!  I watched as he moved my mouse and told me (I could hear him too!) how to get set up, what the different functions were, etc.  I could ask questions as we went.

Bottom line: DAYLITE is changing my life. I am so much more on top of things and spending less time writing, noting and finding info.  That means more time to paint, blog and write.

DAYLITE tracks people, companies, emails sent and received from contacts (no more ga-zillion folders in my mail program and remembering to move everything – it’s automatic!).  Yesterday I printed mailing labels for my promotional postcards… it’s heaven on my MAC! (Sorry PC people — you need to find another solution.  I’m told ACT! has similar super powers.)

SO… if you are feeling disheveled and want to invest in some great software that will grow with your business and keep it organized (and you have a MAC) — check out DAYLITE.  I also highly recommend you talk to Matthew (& I’m not paid for this recommendation — it’s from the heart!)  — he can get you up and running quickly.  (Plus he’s a very nice guy.)  Here is a link to his site to learn more and you can see a case study he did about my issues and getting me set up.  CLICK HERE

Here’s to your organized life now I need to get back to painting!

~ Tara

Want to chat with Matthew on Twitter or follow what he’s up to?  He’s @mbookspan