So if you are alive and online and any part of the art licensing community, you know about SURTEX. 🙂   I thought that instead of the usual “it was a great show” (which is was) I’d throw out some numbers to consider…


Number of exhibiting companies:  270

Number of artists represented by those companies:  1200+

Square footage of art at the show: 30,000+

Attendance of manufacturers and retailers over last year: up 10%!

Number of days the show was open: 3

Number of days the show was on my mind – either following up from one or preparing for the next: 362 🙂

Cost of a booth: $46.50 / sq foot

  • 10 x 10: $4650
  • 8 x 15: $5580
  • 10 x 15: $6975
  • 8 x 10 (limited quantity): $3720

Cost of a hotel in NYC: $1,000 – $2,000 for 4-5 nights, depending on where you stay

Transportation:  that depends on where you come from.

  • I fly – about $400 round trip.
  • Some drive – cost of gas plus parking – scared to even look up the cost of parking in the city!
  • My sister takes the train from New Jersey – $40 round trip!  Oh… plus parking…

Then there are other variables that are too hard to estimate because they will vary drastically from artist to artist – food, booth expenses other than the cost of the booth (banners, art, accessories), marketing, websites and more.


Art licensing is a business and it costs money.  Period.

Personally, I spend about $8-9,000 every year to exhibit at SURTEX.  It is the biggest marketing event of the year for my business.  Being an artist that makes a living isn’t free.  You have to invest in your business – in time, money and sweat equity.  I also invest a lot in my education and personal development – I attend events, take online and in person courses and hire coaches when it feels like a fit for where I am at the moment.

If you don’t believe enough in yourself and your work to invest in it, why should anyone else?

Think about it…

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed