Really.  By Thursday.  Not the day before please!

I don’t mean to whine, really I don’t, but this is becoming a frustrating trend.  We give lots of advance notice of these calls – they are every other month – and we tweet, and Facebook, and add reminders to the newsletter.  “What do you want to know?”  Yes, we get some questions – but I have to say I’m beginning to get as many in the day or two before the call as we get for the whole call.  And that’s too late!  We need time to review our question options, prepare good answers, etc. etc.

SO… PLEASE submit your questions by the deadline so I don’t want to pull my hair out, OK?

The next call is on Wednesday, May 30th – 5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Eastern and everything in between.  Paul Brent will be doing his third annual SURTEX Show Recap / Trend Report AND answering some questions… (that’s where you come in…)

Head to and give us some great options – the whole community will be the better for it. 🙂

Here’s to your creative success –

– Tara Reed