A few years ago I was at a live event and we were asked this question – are you a starter or a finisher?

The presenter then explained that STARTERS were people who often had great ideas and amazing enthusiasm at the beginning, but then fizzled out, got distracted or started something new before ever finishing the project.

FINISHERS on the other hand, keep going till the job is done and can get upset with people who, in their eyes, “flake out” before completing the mission.

There are also a rare breed of people who are naturally both STARTERS and FINISHERS.  They come up with great ideas, get inspired AND get it done!

As we sat thinking about ourselves and our way of doing things, he then asked all the STARTERS to stand up.  If memory served, it was about 75% of the room.

They then sat down and the FINISHERS stood up.

He then told the STARTERS to take a good look around – if you are a STARTER it’s important to partner with a FINISHER so you get things done.

Another way to look at this is through the lens of Follow-Through.  Follow-through is basically finishing.  I love some of the tips Marie Forleo gives in this video but I also love the idea of finding a finisher to partner with if you really like to keep starting new things.

There is no rule that says the same person has to take a job from start to finish – but you won’t find much success if no one ever finishes what you start. – Tara Reed

On Facebook there have been quite a few discussions lately in the art licensing circles about whether you HAVE TO learn to use Photoshop or Illustrator to succeed.  Do you HAVE TO learn to put your art in repeat?  Can the client do this stuff or can you outsource it?

As you can imagine, there were almost as many opinions as there were responses.  My personal feeling:  the more you know and the value you can provide your clients, the more repeat business you will get.  (For that reason I have FINALLY committed to really learning Illustrator… and it’s going better than expected after only a few days.)

At the same time, I can provide the value to my client by hiring someone to do the work that needs to be in Illustrator if I so choose as well.  or Photoshop… whatever the case may be.  The key is to get the job done.

SO… food for thought today:  do you like to finish what you start or will you find another way?

Watch this video – Marie has some great ideas for people who want to better manage themselves so they don’t get distracted before the finish line if they choose to do it themselves.

[youtube SSxeuqtWeWE#t=410]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed