The other day I was driving and on the “Oldies” station I heard a song I hadn’t heard or thought about for a long time… STAND by REM from 1988.  (WHEN did 1988 become “oldies”?  That discussion is for another time…)

Anyway, I cranked it up and started rocking out in my Art Bug.  This song has such memories attached to it – college, the Dance Marathon (I didn’t dance but rubbed people’s feet to keep them going – AND we did a fun dance to this song to keep everyone energized.)

As I was enjoying my flashback I started listening to the lyrics and thinking about the song from a whole new perspective… and of course I had to share it with you!

STAND in the place where you are… this song is basically reminding us to be present, take stock of where we are in our life, our job, our relationships… to dream, to wish, to be…

I picked this video because the pictures they put with the music made me smile and some made me laugh out loud.  I think the elephant in the very beginning is my favorite – what is yours?

[youtube WX758YIlzOg]

So crank it up, dance a little and then take a moment to reflect.  Maybe grab a journal and write what comes to mind.  Where are you NOW?  What do you love? What would you change? What do you wish for your future?

Now take those wishes and attach actions to them… what can you do today, this week, this month, to move you closer than you are today?

So a little bit of fun and some introspection for your Friday!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed