…unless your name is Samatha and Bewitched is real, there are no magic-nose-wiggles to success in art licensing!

I haven’t seen or thought about Bewitched in years!  It was one of those shows I used to watch on lazy summer days or when I was home from school sick… How Gladys never really figured out what was going on with crazy Uncle Arthur is beyond me…. but that isn’t the point of this post.

I was emailing with a new coaching client the other day and she seemed pretty clear about wanting to find an agent.  She also seemed to have  a pretty good feel for licensing so I wasn’t sure she needed a coaching session – maybe just a look at the How to Find an Art Licensing Agent eBook and the list of 30 agents on the agents tab of this blog…  she responded to that suggestion with this comment:

“… grab your ebook and get myself into the find-a-rep junket –  YUCK! …”

So I guess she has the book. 🙂  I was now thoroughly confused – she seemed like she wanted an agent so why the big YUCK?  I asked and she replied:

“YUCK is just that I’d much rather wiggle my nose and have it be so!”

[youtube nmhpUjIlPY8]

Well… wouldn’t we all!  But that just isn’t how life works outside of the Bewitched sitcom!

How I wish I could wiggle my nose and just “know” what art to create, what manufacturers to contact… whether I should throw in the towel and find another job… 😉 (Yes – there are days that I think about that!  The same days I long for someone to bank roll me so I can just do cool crafts I find on Pinterest!)

The fact of the matter is that there is no crystal ball for success in art licensing.

We  have to trust the process, do the work and most of all, trust ourselves.  Even on those this-is-entirely-too-hard days, we have to keep at it if it’s really what we want to do.  Create the art.  Watch the marketplace.  Learn.  Contact manufacturers.  Listen to feedback.  Do it again…

I can’t wiggle my nose and make it so for myself or anyone else.  I can’t just tell you who the perfect agent will be for you (or if they will agree) or what manufacturer will be a great fit for your art (and again, if they will agree.)  I have to do my work and you have to do yours.

I can, however, help you learn how to do it… if you are relatively new to the concept of art licensing, please please pretty-please look at the FAQ page!  It links to lots of topics that, well, are Frequently Asked Questions. 🙂

Here’s to your creative success – and if you do figure out how to wiggle your nose and get things done, please, teach me!

– Tara Reed