Last night we had Ariane Goodwin, creator of the smARTist Telesummit – the only live, professional development conference for artists.  The goal was to help artists better understand what the week-long event in January is all about, so they can decide if it is something they want to participate in or not.  Those on the line were able to ask a few questions as well.

If you’d like to listen to the audio of Ariane explaining more about the what and why of the event, DOWNLOAD THE MP3 HERE.

To get your name on the list to learn about the Early Bird Discount (which comes with exclusive Early Bird Goodies – what they are is a mystery but I’m sure they’ll be great!)  – head to (that’s my affiliate link and how I am compensated for participating in the telesummit so your clicks are appreciated!)

The smARTist telesummit isn’t just about art licensing – I’m one of 13 artists that will be a part of the event.  It’s about learning how other ways of earning an income with your art work as well – and creating the perfect mix for you, your art and your business.  If that sounds interesting, click the link above and get on the list – there is no obligation at this point! 🙂

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  The regular monthly Ask Call is next Wednesday, November 17, 2010, and is going to be slightly unusual as well.  We will be demoing the Art Licensing Manager Software and answering questions from artists who have an interest in learning more and deciding if they want to purchase it.

If this isn’t for you, be sure to come back in December when we return to our regular format of submitted questions and live answers about art licensing.  December 15, 2010