While I know my focus is primarily art licensing, I also know that many of my blog readers are investigating many ways of earning an income with their art.  The other day, artist Chris Wilson reached out to tell me about his eBook – the Art Launch Blueprint – and to let me know he is doing a contest to give one away.

I was busy but slightly intrigued so I marked the email to make sure I went back to it.  When I did – I became intrigued.  One, by the way he is doing his giveaway – will have to consider that format for personal use! 😉

Second, I was impressed by the sales page for this product.  It looks solid, he answers lots of questions and it looks like he really knows what he is doing.

I decided to enter to win a free copy (deadline to enter – November 22, 2014) and thought I’d share his contest and information with the group.  (My kindergarden teacher would be so proud!)

I haven’t purchased or used this content personally and I won’t benefit if you buy it – just letting you know it’s out there and you can decide.  If you do make a purchase, I’d love to know what you think!

Here is a little more information, taken from his book sales page at ChrisWilsonStudio.com/art-launch-blueprint/

Who’s this course for?
Artists who want to earn a living from their art, obviously, but more specifically, artists who want to sell their art products and attract commissions online. Think visual artists like painters, designers, illustrators, filmmakers, photographers, crafters, and more.

Who made this course?
This course was created by Chris Wilson – I’ve made a living selling my work online and doing commissions with different creative studios and brands around the world.

What if I’m just starting out?
This course is designed for creatives who have a solid portfolio of work, but the processes will work for beginners as well. In fact, starting fresh could work to your advantage, because you haven’t picked up bad habits yet.

Want to enter to win a free copy?  Go here > ChrisWilsonStudio.com/giveaways/art-launch-blueprint

Here’s to your creative success – through whatever avenue that comes!

– Tara Reed