I didn’t believe her but after going through Tiffany Peterson’s Inner Circle coaching program I know it to be true!  She PUSHED us to take care of ourselves… even when we felt like we didn’t have time.

I’ve been in that space this week – I was on vacation last week and had big plans to get lots done this week!  I mean really – do I have time to sit around with SURTEX less than 50 days away and lots of things on my to-do list?  No!

Well… my body had a different plan. I got off the plane and landed in a vortex of pollen – my allergies went nuts and a virus took advantage of the opening and decided to hop into my head too.  I have been SO TIRED. So congested.  And honestly… I can’t think straight! (Seriously – I went to make a hotel reservation for September but made it for June… and didn’t realize the mistake for about 1/2 hour – it’s BAD brain fog!)

At first I went to my default setting of “too bad Tara!  You just had a week off, you need to push through!”  Then I could hear Tiffany in my ear saying, “Be gentle with yourself Tara… what are you doing to take care of yourself?  You won’t get better if you don’t rest.”  So this week has been about the must-do’s and lots of rest, napping and fluids.  All of that on top of the self-care habits that have become a daily routine since working with Tiffany.

Watch this video and see what you think… I can tell you it’s made a difference for me in my business, my personal life and stress level.

[youtube 7Ekvjhm5B5s]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed