Outsourcing.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Outsource the jobs you don’t want to do, don’t know how to do, don’t enjoy doing.

I’ve had several artists tell me they want to be able to show potential manufacturers how their art will look on actual products but they don’t have the knowledge, time or desire to do it themselves. Showing a manufacturer that you understand how art and products relate and giving ideas of how your art can look on their product can sometimes give you a leg up to getting a deal.  It isn’t a necessity but can help.

Well through an artist I met online, I have found a resource for you to consider.

Ken Picard offers web design, graphic design and yes, mock-up services. (He calls it “artwork mapping” – must be the technical term… 🙂 )  Obviously prices will depend on what you want, what you give him to work with as well as the speed and complexity of your job, but I asked Ken to give us some ball-park numbers.  I don’t like calling people out of the blue with no concept of whether they will quote me tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars and I’m guessing some of you don’t either.  So here is some basic information and if you are looking for this type of service, give Ken a call.  If you use his services, I’d love to know how it goes so we can report back!

kenpicard-sample1Basic Product with artwork mapped onto it using Photoshop.
$40 per cylindrical product. (cups, cookie jars, etc…)
$30 per flat product. (calendars, mousepads, etc…)
$30-$60 per cloth product / amorphously shaped product. (aprons, cloth bags, etc…) price depends on complexityof product.
$20 for stock photography of product if you do not have your own.
*Prices may vary due to extra complexities. Please call for a quote.


3-D mapping
Using Strata 3-D I create a digital model of a product and apply artwork onto the model. I place the model in a scene and
set up lighting, just like at a photography studio. A rendering is made and a very realistic looking image is produced. The advantage of 3-D over using Photoshop is flexibility. I can create an image from different angles, change lighting, place the product in different settings. I carry several stock models (cups, plates, etc..) so there would be no cost for creating a model of something that has already exists. Product with artwork mapped onto it using Strata 3-D. $40 per product mapping and rendering on existing model in a scene. (go to kpda.biz/3dartworks to see examples.)
Modeling fees
$40 – simple model (cylindrical or square)
$80 – medium complexity (more than 2 shapes. ex- a soap dispenser.)
$120 to $200- high complexity (several shapes. ex- a piece of furniture.)
*Prices may vary due to extra complexities. Please call for a quote.

I haven’t used Ken’s services personally (I’m still a DIY mock-up girl) but he comes highly recommended by another artist in the field. His contact information is below:


Here’s to your creative success…

– Tara