When artists begin talking about how to hang things in trade show or craft show booths, the recent answer is “command strips”.  I have searched and asked at lots of local stores – “Is there a way to buy more than 6 or 8 strips at a time?  I need lots!”  I was met with a lot of “no” answers…

So I took to the web and with the help of Google I discovered FasteNation.com.  You can buy lots of fasteners, including the Command Strips, in bulk.  If memory serves, there is a minimum purchase of $50 but if you buy the individual retail packs at a local store, you will get there pretty quickly.

Click here to see the Command Products that will likely work for trade shows.

So… if you too, are in need of ways to hang art, prepare trade show or craft show booths or any other thing, here is a resource for you.

Here’s to  your creative success!

– Tara Reed