Wait!  Fire!  Or is it “Ready. Fire. Aim.”?

In this video I talk about the 4 basic types of artists and how they relate to these three words – READY. AIM. FIRE.

Artist #1:

Are you a traditionalist?  Get Ready.  Take Aim.  Then Fire.  Hopefully assess how it went then start over…

Artist #2:

Or, do you go with Ready. Fire. Aim.  Take action before you might feel really ready, but then really look at what happened and calibrate your aim.

Either of these can be very effective for an artist building their business.  The next two methods are a little more precarious….

Artist #3:

Ready… ready… A-I-M… no, not ready… ready…. AIM…  – this is like the young child learning to dive into the pool that keeps thinking they are ready and stops at the last minute.  They can’t quite take the plung.

Artist #4:

The last artist spends a LOT of time AIM-ing…  they have to take every class, read every blog post, talk to anyone who will talk to them… they end up with so many opinions they don’t know what to do so they aim some more.  There is no action.  They go in circles – many times for years.

Watch this video to listen to more of my musings on the subject.  Then take a look at what you have been doing lately and decide if it is to your benefit or if some calibration would be helpful.

[youtube oHeUUvkcteU]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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