I’m baaack…  WOW!  What a week it’s been!

The biggest event was on Saturday when I got married.  Mother Nature brought her sense of humor in full force with 102 degree weather – not only the hottest day in Portland this year but in two years – and guess who doesn’t like hot weather?  That would be me!  I kept a positive attitude and focused on all the good things as I had an extra “glow” from the heat – at least it wasn’t raining (the wedding was outside), at least it wasn’t humid (one thing I LOVE about Portland – it’s rarely very humid) and at least our back yard was shady and there was a slight breeze!

We had a beautiful ceremony with my brother acting as the officiant and my son giving me away.  That son of mine… he was the one to get me all teary eyed. We were down under the apple tree, he looks at me, grins and says “You’re getting married!” That was all it took.  It was a day full of big smiles (someone on Facebook said she had never seen such “beamingness” – that made me giggle!)  and happy emotions.

In addition to getting married and everything that involves – especially when you do it in your own back yard – we had lots more excitement as well!  My parents have decided to move to Portland to be closer to their kids and grandkids (I haven’t lived within driving distance since I graduated from college!).  They got an offer on their house while at my house for pre-wedding prep on Thursday.  Friday involved house hunting since they have to be out of Reno by September 2nd.  They found the perfect house and put in an offer on Friday.  Offer accepted Saturday morning!  There was a LOT to celebrate Saturday!

I thought things would calm down a little more but alas – the juggling will continue into September.  In 2 weeks my son heads to Boston University and I need to get our ducks in a row for that move.  I will head to Reno to help pack boxes and coordinate my parent’s move – I’ve done it 3 times myself in the past year so I’ve self-appointed myself “move coordinator.

Of course I will find time to paint, create, blog and oh yes – enjoy life with my new hubby!

Life is wonderful but very, very busy!

Just thought I’d catch you up and share a few pictures – please forgive me if my blog is a little less frequent than usual. 🙂

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed