It’s been almost a year since I finished the eBook How to Be A Press Friendly Artist.  I have received a lot of great feedback and thanks for making the process less daunting and more doable.  Recently someone asked this on the Art Licensing Info Facebook page:

Hey, I gobbled up your e-book on becoming a press friendly artist and I plan on following through on all it’s advice. I have a press kit all done like you instructed but I am still unsure of the procedure for sending it out to a newspaper. This is probably more of a computer question – My pdf file is too big for most e-mails to accept it. Do I zip it? When I attach it what do I send in the e-mail itself? Just a basic intro? Thank you!

I thought I’d share my ideas with the group.

Answer: There are a few ways and what will work best will in part depend on the size of what you are sending.

  • If you are sending a press release and an image, and both of these files are < 1 mb in size, I attach them directly to an email. (Assuming of course I am sending information digitally and not printing and mailing it the old fashioned way!)  When your files become larger than 1 mb, you risk a person’s email system not accepting the email due to size.  Different servers have different limits – and remember, the larger the attachments the longer it will take to receive – you don’t want to give a bad impression before your email even arrives!
  • You can use a file server that allows you send links to larger files within an email so they can click and download your information.  I use* to send large files to clients and occasionally larger groups of images to the press.  There are other options of course – this is just the one I use. (I subscribe for the yearly service so I can send more than one file at a time – to me it’s worth it to have clients get one email with multiple links rather than 10 or so so I can save $60/year. 🙂  )
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  • Use your website.  If you have a website, use it!  Add links for the press to download press kits and press releases right on your site.  You can then add the direct download link into the body of an email if contacting someone directly.

An important thing to remember is to make it as easy as possible for them to get and read your information – the fewer clicks the better.  If you can get everything in your email – that’s ideal.  Otherwise, keep it to one link whenever possible.

To learn more about How to Be A Press Friendly Artist – go to

Here’s to your creative – and well-publicized – success!

– Tara Reed