SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – can help your business.  If your website comes up on the first page or 2 when someone enters specific keywords, you could get new clients, more awareness for your art or products, press coverage and more.

If you listened to the free Ask About SEO for Artists call in February 2010 with Daniel Tardent, you might remember that he mentioned that the website for the call was coming up on p. 1 of search engines if someone searched “SEO for Artists”.  By adding the key words to the URL, being very specific and honing in on niche key words and simply paying attention to keywords, meta tags and descriptions, I was able to do well. (If you missed it, the replay is available for free – go to to get your copy.)

I recently learned the power of SEO when Women’s World Magazine contacted me for an article about Bunco.

I have a website, – that has themed Bunco party kits.  In case you don’t know about Bunco, it’s a dice game that got its start in the Victorian Era.  Played by an estimated 7 million women in the US on a monthly basis – Bunco serves as the cornerstone of girlfriend gatherings.  12 players. Rolling Dice. Taking chances. Keeping score. Beyond a dice game of chance, Bunco gives women throughout the U.S. a reason to get out and have fun with neighbors and friends.

The article was in the August 30, 2010 issue – p. 26 if you want to check it out!

I obviously did a decent job with the SEO because the magazine found me.  They even featured some of the art from free Bunco Score Sheets (the Bunco Queen theme) and a link to my website.  This kind of national coverage will surely drive traffic to my site, what happens then remains to be seen.  I’m of course hoping for good things!

So, the next time you think filling out the SEO details on your website is too tedious or learning about SEO in the first place is a waste of time, think again!

Here’s to your creative and SEO success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Check out Daniel Tardent’s “SEO for Artists” eBook* – it is packed with great information!

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