Are you interested in learning more about Art Licensing so you can decide if it might work for you?

How to Get Started in Art Licensing – 2nd edition – is an introduction to the realities of licensing your art – by an artist who has been doing it herself since 2004. This isn’t a “pie in the sky – you can make money in your sleep” book – it’s an honest look at how it works so you can decide if licensing might be for you.

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Does a flexible lifestyle appeal to you – one where you can create when and where you are inspired?

  • Have you tried finding a gallery to carry your work?
  • Have you spent days sitting at art or craft fairs – at the mercy of the weather and people who decide to show up?

Do you want to get your art off the paper and onto products?

Would you love to walk into a store and see your art on dishes, greeting cards, coasters, towels or any other product?

If so, read on…

The goal of this eBook is to SAVE YOU time, money & frustration.

“I’ve been through it all and learned how to earn a living from my art, on my terms, by licensing it to manufacturers to use on products.

I don’t manufacture, sell or ship anything myself.  My living room is not full of product.  I don’t pack up the car and hope for good weather after investing time and money to exhibit at an art show or craft fair. I work at home, when I want to and yes – often in my pajamas.

I have learned by researching, trial and error, and by attending and exhibiting at trade shows.  I have spent thousands of dollars on a coach.  I wish there had been one place to learn the basics about Art Licensing and how to do it when I was starting out.”

Are you ready?

Are you ready? For only $67 you can learn the basics and decide if art licensing is right for you. This digital book can be yours immediately. Download and enjoy it on your computer, iPad, Kindle and more – anything that can read a pdf.

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This eBook is for…

Artists, Illustrators and Photographers who…

• have never heard of Art Licensing and want to learn more.

• have heard of Licensing, but don’t quite understand it.

• have started, but want help building their business.

This is for you if you are starting out and want a new perspective.

Each artist comes to licensing from a different background and takes a different path. Learning from several people is a great way to discover what will work for you. As well as my experience, in this eBook I will interview another artist, an agent and a manufacturer so you learn from people involved in different aspects of the business.

Dear Fellow Licensed Artist,

I truly believe I have the greatest job – I love it 98% of the time, how many people can say that?

Licensing my art is flexible, creative, never the same day twice, and I’m in charge of what I do and how I spend my time. Does this sound good to you?

If you want to learn how to get your art off the paper and onto products, from an artist who is DOING what she is teaching, you’ve come to the right spot!

What will this book do for you?

  • Give you the basics of what Art Licensing is so you can decide if it is the way you want to make a living while doing what you love.
  • Help you decide if Art Licensing is a good fit for you: do your art and your goals work with what is needed to succeed in licensing? If so, you will have the flexibility of setting your own work day and be able to ‘visit’ your art when it appears on products in stores near you.
  • Teach you the basic things to think about when you get started. Save time and headaches by organizing the business side of your art from the beginning.

Let me help you shorten your learning curve.

The first in a series of eBooks, How to Get Started in Art Licensing, gives a basic overview of the industry, how licensing works and what you need to consider to start and run a successful business. Revised and updated in April 2012 it’s a better guide than ever.

More in-depth books are available and will follow on each topic, but building a foundation of knowledge is key to your success. The cost of the book? $67 – less than you’d pay for a class at a trade show or an hour of personalized help.

Let’s fill the world with beautiful art and destroy the stereotype of the ‘starving artist’ once and for all. This eBook will help you decide if art licensing is for you!

Table of Contents

Part 1: What is Art Licensing?

  • Learn what it means to license your art and decide if it is for you.

Part 2: Your Art: The Heart and Soul of it All

  • Learn the types of art that are regularly licensed to help you decide what and
    how to create.
  • Read my story and an interview with another licensed artist to better understand the many ways of going about licensing.
  • Think about your style and vision so that you don’t waste your time and efforts going in too many directions at once.

Part 3: Clients: Who they are and What they Want

  • Understanding who is licensing art, how to find them and what they are looking for will put you that much closer to signing your first deal.
  • An interview with an art print publisher gives valuable insight and advice for artists getting started or building their business.

Part 4: Agents: Deciding if they are right for you

  • Discover what agents do and don’t do, and how to go about finding one if you think this is the best fit for your business.
  • An interview with an agent will give you insights into what an agent expects from you as an artist so you can present yourself in a way that will increase your chances of being picked up.

Part 5: The Business Side of Things

  • Terminology and Contract basics will help you feel more confident when you begin talking with manufacturers.
  • Avoiding basic business pitfalls that can cost you money later.

Part 6: Promotion: How to Get the Word Out

  • Start branding yourself from day 1 to create a presence in the marketplace.
  • Learn how a website can help you build your business faster.
  • Save money by learning how to get free publicity.
  • Trade show basics to save you time and money.

This eBook has valuable information that will save you time and money.

It will help focus your efforts and build your confidence.

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Bonus #1:

Laura Bray of, an “artist with an MBA” shares

how to use eZines newsletters to stay in touch with clients, potential clients and fans

of your work. The internet is not a fad so learning to use inexpensive tools to keep

your name and artwork on people’s mind is worth the time!

Bonus #2:

Cherish Flieder of, an established artist who really knows her way around Social Networking, has agreed to share a great article on “Leveraging LinkedIn’s Networking Power for Art Licensors”.

For only $67 you can learn the basics and decide if art licensing is right for you. This digital book can be yours immediately. Download and enjoy it on your computer, iPad, Kindle and more – anything that can read a pdf.

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Thanks for writing your e-book, How To Get Started in Art Licensing. What I liked best about it was that it got right to all the main, meaty points, without fluff. I like that I got all my basic questions answered without having to skim through pages and pages of impertinent information. I also like that I can print it out and highlight sentences that will remind me of the steps I need to take next. Elisabeth Klos,

How to Get Started in Art Licensing” is an essential read for any artist interested in entering the world of art licensing. The first-person anecdotes are invaluable, as Tara describes her experience with licensing and presents examples of what manufacturers seek. Her section on preparing your portfolio for art licensing (establishing collections/themes) was especially helpful to me, as I currently show a bunch of art pieces but they are not organized into any clear collections. I have much work to do, but I’m excited and feel better prepared after reading this book.

Laura Levie


I’ve read your book and I feel empowered and ready to get started. Thanks! So well done on putting together such a comprehensive guide for us greenies!



Finding Tara Reed’s amazing e-books on licensing has changed the way I see my creative business. In How to get started in Licensing I found the answers of many questions and concerns I had on the licensing business. It helped me decide where I wanted to dedicate my energy and efforts on my creative business.

Now I am learning the basics for creating repeated patterns. Just with some of the first book tools I am making repeated patterns and I am having a blast practicing what Tara teaches in those amazing books. I will definitely buy the book on finding an agent as soon s I feel I am mastering the repeated pattern tools even thou I have other designs in other mediums that could be licensed already.

I now can foresee a dream come true, designing fabric and see all my mixed media designs in many products sharing my art and inspiring others around the world!

Elizabeth Glz


I read the whole eBook (How to Get Started in Art Licensing) in one sitting even when I was actually so sleepy and tired from work. I was so encouraged and now more informed because prior to reading your book, I never really thought of art licensing or even surface design! I’m now in the process of brain storming for the branding part.

Monette Pangan


Tara Reed’s e-book is a complete guide to breaking into the business of art licensing. She writes with knowledge and experience because she’s successful in her own licensing career.

Her wit is an added bonus to the reader. Great investment!

Audra Favre

Licensed Artist

“How to Get Started in Art Licensing” e-book by Tara Reed is by far the best information I have come across for the basics and beyond in this wild and crazy field of art licensing.

I have been designing for many years, traveled the country teaching and have several books published, but this past year was only my second exhibiting at the Surtex Licensing show. Yet, with as much research as I had done, I had many unanswered questions about the entire process of designing for the manufacturers needs, not to mention the business aspects of licensing my work. Tara’s book gave me the answers…

This book not only explains the process of how to make “Art” ready to format for licensing, but it helped me to find clarity in developing my art “Vision”. With such topics also included as the terminology of licensing, cash flow issues, self promotion and contracts as well as interviews with artists and agents – it’s a win-win publication for those seeking to advance in art licensing.

Tara’s straightforward and sincere approach to presenting this information makes it a valuable reference guide. I would honestly recommend, “How to Get Started in Art Licensing” if you are serious and passionate about becoming a professional licensed artist.

Karen Embry

Karen Embry Designs, Artist, Designer & Author

Just a quick note to say thanks for your wonderful e-book “How to Get Started in Art Licensing”! It’s given me the jump start i need to organize and begin rolling out what i can do to get my pattern designs in front of potential clients/manufacturers. I am excited about the multitude of opportunities out there and deeply thank you for the step-by-step guidance you’ve provided in your e-book.

Paula Lukey